Cultural and Social Deputy of ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz is to hold the 1st Ahvaz International Festival of Scientific Films on February 22 to 27,2015. Those who are interested can participate in this festival by sending their works.

The 1st Ahvaz International Film Festival’s public affairs reports that the call for the festival was announced on October 2nd,and the deadline for submitting the works is December 31st. Therefore,students,filmmakers and artists can submit their films by visiting the festival’s website at and filling in the application form before the deadline.Participants could directly hand in their works or mail them to the festival’s secretariat at the following address:Secretariat of Science Films,Cultural and Social Deputy,ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz.

It must be noted that universities,private and state organizations,scientific associations,institutions,and filmmakers can participate in this international film festival. To do so,they are required to fill in the application form on festival’s website,and then mail a DVD of the film,plus three photos of the film and a photo of the director on a CD to the secretariat’s address.

Since this is an international film festival,all submitted works must have English subtitles. It must be noted that all works must be a product of 2011 onwards,and there is no limitation on the number of submitted films.

The 1st Ahvaz International film festival will be held at the international level; therefore,all works are required to have technical and display resolution standards. Otherwise,they will be discarded from the competition.

The 1st Ahvaz International Science Films Festival is composed of the following 12 categories,and participants can send their science films to the secretariat office under one of these categories.

- Technology / Research

- Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics

- Medicine / Drug / Nutrition / Neurology / Life span

- Wildlife / Zoology / Nature / Discoveries

- Space

- Energy / Industry / Agriculture / Water

- Architecture / Urbanism

- History / History of science

- Geology / Biology


- Biographies of Leading Scientists

- Anthropology / Archaeology / Ethnology / Community / Linguistics

The executive committee of the 1st Ahvaz International Film Festival has considered precious awards for different categories. Participants can refer to the call for festival for more information.

The secretariat address and contact information are as follows:

Secretariat of Science Films,Cultural and Social Deputy,ShahidChamran University of Ahvaz.

Tel: +98- 61-33737365


Postal Code: 61335